Super Bowl Party Vegetarian Tofu Skewers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray demonstrate how to make vegetarian tofu skewers for your Superbowl Party.

    Greg Dumorne

       Gregory Began his culinary career at Ati Culinary school in 1997. He worked at Lansdowne Golf Resort Frequently catering to the Washington Redskins and the N.B.A. rookie public relations annual seminars for the likes of Tim Duncan. He later became a chef at the mark restaurant where he catered to Jessie Jackson & the first woman attorney General Janet Reno. By 2001 Gregory had became the restaurant chef in the Capital Hilton where he served the Alfalfa Club and former president George Bush his son,our current president George Bush JR. Also The Gridiron club with William Jefferson Clinton.The resume goes on and on the likes of Bill Cosby , Muhammed Ali, Danny Glover, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus. Now he's the owner of Real Deal Catering serving you everyday.

    Gregory Dumorne: Welcome back, I am Greg.

    Les Saurey: I am Les.

    Gregory Dumorne: At this point we are going to do our vegetarian option. Everybody's favorite Tofu. Now, to do this recipe make sure you get that extra firm because if you get the one that is too soft that is going to be kind of rough. As you see we have started preparing a little bit for you. It is just pretty must basically any kind of vegetable you want to get. We are using the stir-fry type of vegetables which is carrots, broccoli to go along with the Tofu. So, it is just Tofu, vegetable, put it right there and what I did is actually I took some Hoisin sauce. A red hot Hoisin sauce, you can get at any kind of grocery store that has the Chinese section and I cut it with some barbecue sauce because Hoisin sauce is a little bit dark and it is basically from there you just brush it on. Don't be stingy with it. Vegetarians always love their food to still taste like the rest of the food. So, you can't treat your vegetarians bad. They will never come back to your party again.

    Les Saurey: That is not a real super bowl party. Gregory Dumorne: And that is not for the real deal super bowl party. Once you get the sauce on it, my partner in crime Les here is going to stick it in oven. The Tofu is already done so pretty much you just want to just brown it so stick it in the oven at 350 maybe 15 minutes. So, now after about 10 minutes you just pretty much letting the Tofu brown up and we go to plate it. There you go; real deal Tofu skewers with barbecue sauce and Hoisin. Thank you for joining us today. More recipes at.



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