Sure Fire Soccer Goals

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Former pro soccer player Tamir Linhart demonstrates how to set up for and shoot a perfect goal.

    Tamir Linhart: The first thing you need to know about scoring goals is how to get into scoring positions. To accelerate towards your opponent with full speed okay.

    The fastest way is using the outside of your foot, this way you'll be able to maintain your running style. If you come too close to the defender they'll be able to take it, if you're doing to move too early the defender will have time to react.

    I'm going to take the ball towards my left, pause a little bit wait for the defender to make the move and go to my right.

    Now it's time to learn how put the ball in the back of the neck. First you want to approach the ball in an angle; you're going to run as fast as you can towards the ball take a quick look at a goal keeper and see where they are. Place the non-kicking foot, right next to the ball and points your toes towards your target.

    And now you want to take your leg all the way up here, you want to swing your foot as fast as you can to get more power, you want to point your toes down and lock your ankle. Lift your foot up a little bit, make contact with the middle of the ball and continue with your shot, all the way up, follow through.

    In order not to stop your follow through, you want to hop with your opposite foot and lean on your kicking foot. That's how you strike the ball with power.