Surf – Popping up to Your Knees

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Surfing instructor Owen Mulford demonstrates how to pop up to your knees on a surf board.

    Owen Mulford

    Casey Mulford and Owen Mulford – Co-Founders of Billabong’s OC Groms Surf School, Ocean City, MD OC Groms Surf School was started in 2004 and from that time we have given over 2,000 lessons to children and adults of all ages. OC Groms Surf School specializes in teaching basic fundamentals of surfing, surf etiquette, water safety, and general ocean knowledge for the novice and for the more seasoned surfer, OC Groms teaches the finer nuances of surfing as well. As an instructor myself, I have been teaching surfing for 8 years and have instilled the passion of surfing into thousands of campers. All our instructors are CPR and first aid certified and have been teaching for many years themselves. If you take a surf lesson, make sure the counselors are properly trained in life saving procedures.

    Hi, this is Owen with Billabongs O.

    C. Groms Surf Camp, headquartered at K-Coast Surf Shop, 35st Street in Ocean City, Maryland. Today we are learning how to surf, and now we are going to talk about the four step pop-up process. Learning how to a pop-up, we have our feet position as we talked about with the quick pop in one of two ways; we could have our right foot back or left foot back. Having your right foot in the back is called Regular Foot. Having our left foot in the back is called Goofy Foot. It is all based on preference, and it does not matter, even though it is called Goofy, you are still a normal part of society. Now we are going to talk about the four step pop-up process. In case you are not able to pop-up directly to your feet, we are going to break down the maneuver into four easy steps. Step one begins just like the pop-up we talked about before. We have our hands about our chest and we are going to do a push-up and raise our chest up off the board. Once we are in this position, step two is to bring ourselves to our knees and bring our body weight to the center of the board.

    After this, depending on which foot we prefer to have on the back, we are going to bring our front foot forward, directly underneath our chest, in the middle of the board. Try not to raise yourself up, because then you will easily topple over. We are nice and compact, and from there we can stand up, but in a compact position that we talked about earlier. You see, I am in the exact same position that I was when I popped directly to my feet. My feet are little bit more than shoulder width apart, my knees are bent and my hips are sunk down low. Depending on which method you prefer to pop-up, once we are up, we can begin talking about riding the wave.