Swim with Dolphins and Seals

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Besides the many attractions, at the Miami Seaquarium you can actually learn to swim with dolphins and seals.

    Ana Maria: Hi! I am Ana Maria with Visit Florida. And I am at the Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne.

    This large marine park is home to numerous attractions, exhibits and shows. However, if you want to truly once in a lifetime unforgettable experience, there is nothing like actually getting in the water and having one-on-one interaction with some of these loveable creatures.

    The first animals we will encounter are the incredibly smart and unique dolphins. Swimming with them is something that's on many people's bucket list. Before beginning, guests put on a wet suit and meet one of their trainers for an orientation on dolphin's physiology and behavior. And then the real fun begins.

    Marni Wood: Once they are done with that they walk to our pool and then they enter the water for a 30 minute program where they have the opportunity to take photos with our dolphins, kisses, handshakes, hugs and they get a ride from our dolphin, they also get an up-close and personal experience with a mask where get to look at the dolphins underneath of the water.

    These programs are for all ages, all types of people from all different countries.

    Christina Rodriquez: I did just get out of the dolphin odyssey excellent time it was so much fun, such a personal experience I really, really enjoyed it.

    Doreen Camp: It's hard to put in words when a great experience to be exposed to a mammal like this. I would never be able to do this in Connecticut.

    Ana Maria: Vow! Swimming with the dolphins was truly an amazing experience. And now we are getting ready to go on another animal encounter which is not only unique to Florida, but to this facility.

    Daniel Somerville: The seal swim is actually very unique. It's one of the only facilities in the country that you can interact with seals at all. So, what you can expect when you do our seal swim, you get to talk to one of our trainers, we are going to share a ton of information about the animals, you get to come in, put a mask on and go under water, so you get to touch on, you know kind of interact with them, you will get pictures, you get hugs, and kisses. You get to actually watch us train them.

    Karina Jurdi: Well, I have done both of the programs, the dolphin odyssey and the seal swim. My favorite would have to be this seal swim because it's so much more interaction, the seals are so cute and cuddly. They are very friendly and they got up close to your face, so I will definitely come back and do it again.

    Ana Maria: And if you want to try something a little more adventurous, you can dive into the sea trek briefing counter, where you will come face to face with unique sea life, by wearing a special dive helmet that allows you to breathe under the sea.

    I had such a great day today at the Miami Seaquarium, not only were the animal interactions lots of fun, but they were very educational and I got to make some new animal friends. I can't wait to come back here and try out some of their other attractions.

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