Swimming with Sharks at the Florida Aquarium

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In order to create awareness of Sharks and their habitats, Florida Aquarium offers a chance to get in the tanks with the sharks.

    Today we're diving with the Shark. Sounds crazy I know, what same person would jump in tank with sharks. But it's not crazy it's an experience of a lifetime and the Florida Aquarium in downtown Tampa Florida is making it possible. The aquarium mostly spread awareness about protecting shark habitat, but they also went out to get up close and personal with these often feared sea creatures. And don't worry, you don't just show up and jump in. First the team of Florida Aquarium will guide you through and an instructional session where you will learn where not to put your hands when a shark gets close by. Next it's up to the dressing room to get suited up in your scuba gear, fitted you're your oxygen tank and get about one last 'see you later' before diving in the shark tank. And then it's show time! Watch out for those shark teeth. Don't forget your camera. Well I am proud of us for diving in and getting a chance to see a new side of shark. This is Shark Robinson signing off from the Florida Aquarium.