Swimwear – Caring for Your Swimsuit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Swimwear expert Krista Landgraf discusses how to care for your swimwear.

    Krista Landgraf

    Krista Landgraf is the Swimwear Buyer for South Moon Under. Krista has been a swimwear buyer for 6 years. She frequently travels to New York and Miami in search of the hottest new swimwear trends. She is passionate about not only finding fashionable swimwear, but swimwear that FITS real women. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Villa Julie College in Stevenson, Maryland. South Moon Under began as a surf shop in Ocean City, Maryland in the 1960’s and now has 11 East Coast stores and an ecommerce site. South Moon Under has evolved into an eclectic retailer of clothing and swimwear for women and men that is in front of the fashion curve. The stores also offers a large selection of jewelry and unique home décor collections. In short, South Moon Under is a place where the breeziness of the beach life meets the sophistication of the city. Serious fashion. No pretense.

    Hi, I am Krista Landgraf and I am the swimwear buyer at South Moon Under. Today, we are showing you how to find the perfect swimsuit for your figure. Right now I would like to discuss caring for your designer swimsuit. Swimwear is made out of Lycra and Spandex and over time it breaks down. There are few things you can do to help slow this aging process. First, when you buy your swimsuit, you should soak your suit in a sink full of water and a cup full of clear vinegar. This helps prevent the colors of your bathing suit from bleeding. After you get it out of saltwater or chlorine, be sure to rinse your swimsuit with water and then either wash it with a mild dish soap or while you are in the shower with shampoo. Hot tubs are one of worst things you can do for your swimwear because of the heat and the chlorine, it will speed the aging process considerably. Finally, I hope this helped you find the perfect swimsuit for your body. You have to feel comfortable on the beach, so find your nearest swimwear boutique and find somebody who is knowledgeable to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body.