Swimwear for a Full Bust

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Swimwear expert Krista Landgraf discusses how to choose swimwear for a full bust.

    Krista Landgraf

    Krista Landgraf is the Swimwear Buyer for South Moon Under. Krista has been a swimwear buyer for 6 years. She frequently travels to New York and Miami in search of the hottest new swimwear trends. She is passionate about not only finding fashionable swimwear, but swimwear that FITS real women. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Villa Julie College in Stevenson, Maryland. South Moon Under began as a surf shop in Ocean City, Maryland in the 1960’s and now has 11 East Coast stores and an ecommerce site. South Moon Under has evolved into an eclectic retailer of clothing and swimwear for women and men that is in front of the fashion curve. The stores also offers a large selection of jewelry and unique home décor collections. In short, South Moon Under is a place where the breeziness of the beach life meets the sophistication of the city. Serious fashion. No pretense.

    Hi, my name is Krista Landgraf and I am the swimwear buyer at South Moon Under. Today, we are helping you find the perfect swimsuit for your figure. Right now, we have Amanda to help us find the perfect swimwear for woman with a fuller bust. The key to finding a swimsuit for a fuller busted woman is to find Separates Program. Separates Programs work well because you can buy a different size top and a different size bottom, this also works well for woman that maybe fuller on the bottom versus fuller on the top. For Amanda's top, we used a rooshed halter, rooshing makes the bust line appear actually a little bit smaller, but it also accommodates a larger cup size. The tie around the back also helps her adjust it to get the best support she can get under her bust line. We also decided to use a  tie bottom that helps accent her hips and fill out her hips to make her seem a little bit more proportionate, top versus bottom. Now, we are going to have Amanda put on a swimsuit that's probably not so flattering for a woman with a fuller bust. Okay, now we have Amanda back to show us what kind of swimsuit probably doesn't work so well for a woman with a full bust. We are loving this bottom; this bottom is actually really hot in the swimwear industry right now with the rooshing on the side. It just gives your hips a little bit more interest and it really makes the rear look nice. It's a little bit cut and a little bit cheeky, but it's very flattering. As far as the top for a full bust, we are not really liking the support here. It's a cute silhouette, but for someone with a fuller bust that has no under wire and also it's not tying around the neck, so it's not giving her the support the she needs. If you are full cup and you want something that is a bando top, look for something which stays on the side and an under wire and possibly a tie either here or around your shoulders that will give you a little bit of support and you can also wear it when you go in the water.

    Next, we are going to focus on finding the perfect swimwear for the average figure.