Swimwear for the Petite Figure

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Swimwear expert Krista Landgraf discusses how to choose swimwear for a petite figure.

    Krista Landgraf

    Krista Landgraf is the Swimwear Buyer for South Moon Under. Krista has been a swimwear buyer for 6 years. She frequently travels to New York and Miami in search of the hottest new swimwear trends. She is passionate about not only finding fashionable swimwear, but swimwear that FITS real women. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Villa Julie College in Stevenson, Maryland. South Moon Under began as a surf shop in Ocean City, Maryland in the 1960’s and now has 11 East Coast stores and an ecommerce site. South Moon Under has evolved into an eclectic retailer of clothing and swimwear for women and men that is in front of the fashion curve. The stores also offers a large selection of jewelry and unique home décor collections. In short, South Moon Under is a place where the breeziness of the beach life meets the sophistication of the city. Serious fashion. No pretense.

    Hi, my name is Krista Langraf and I am the swimwear buyer at South Moon Under. Today, we are showing you how to find the perfect swimsuit for your body. Right now, we are going to discuss finding the swimwear that works best for a petite figure and we have Lilly to help us out with that. Lilly is wearing a swimsuit by a Brazilian designer. Brazilian swimwear usually works best for petite women because its cuts smaller. You will notice that Lilly has leather treatments both on her bottom and her halter top, her bottom is low-rise and you will also notice that it s a skimpier bottom called a Brazilian.

    Brazilian bottoms usually work better for petite figure, because they actually enhance the bottom as opposed to making it look larger. Her halter top, Lilly has told us, she is not liking how she felt about the top. So, we have given her these pushup pads, they have a little bit of cushion on the bottom for pushup. They can be cut without fraying to fit any swimsuit. They also do not absorb water, so you can fit them in any swimsuit. Most swimsuits sold at boutiques have a pad inside them that is just for modesty, you can pop that out, pop this in, and it will give you a little bit more coverage in your top. A top like this with a banded halter also works well for a smaller bust line, because it tends to make the bust line look a little bit larger. Make sure that your top always ties around the neck and around your back. When you have this adjustability, you can tie the top to fit you anywhere you like and it gives you the best support custom to your body type. Now, we are going to have Lilly put on a swimsuit that probably isn't so flattering for petite figure. Okay, now we have Lilly in a different bathing suit that probably doesn't work so well for a petite figure.

    We're liking the bottoms here, this is what we call a keyhole bottom, has a little loop on the side and it helps make her legs appear longer. So, we are liking the bottom, but Lilly has told us that she would like something that will make her top appear a little fuller, and because the hardware is set in the center and the cups, on this suit, are a little bit further apart, it's not so good for making a silhouette that Lilly feels comfortable with on the beach. Now, we are going to move into how to find a perfect swimwear for someone with a fuller bust.