Swing Dance – Basic Underarm Back Pass

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional dance instructor Terry Dean demonstrates the basic Swing dance underarm back pass.

    Terry Dean

    Terry is the owner and principal male dance instructor of Terry Dean’s Dance Studio, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been teaching ballroom dancing for 30 years and opened his own successful studio following a 19 year career with Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Terry has received accolades for his choreography and has been honored as Virginia State’s Top Studio and Top Teacher twice. He and his staff teach students of all levels, whether they are interested in social dancing, exhibition dancing, or competitive ballroom dance sport. He has led many of his students to win top level gold medal competitions, and he is pleased to share his expertise with you today.

    Terry Dean: Hi! I am Terry Dean from Terry Dean s Dance Studio. We are working on the swing.

    Now, we are going to do is the underarm back pass. In the underarm back pass, the man is going to have to do a little bit more leading and a little bit more work than he has done so far.

    So what he is going to have to do is he is going to have to take his basic step, triple-step and switch hands. So he goes from the left to the right-hand hold, to the right-hand hold or a shake-hand her. So we are going to go, triple-step, triple-step, shake hands and you re just got to get there by the rock step. So, if we are doing the basic step turning, triple-step, rock-step, triple-step, triple-step, rock-step. So prior to the rock-step I already made that switch.

    Now, we are going to switch places like we did in the regular underarm turn and lady is going to do a regular underarm turn. Her part is exactly the same, rock-step, triple-step and then the man is going to go on the second triple. Triple-step and then regains normal handhold for rock-step then back to the basic triple-step, triple-step, rock-step, he switches, she goes first, triple-step, he goes second, rock-step and back to the basic.

    Okay, let me demonstrate that again. So we are going to do the basic coming to each other, triple-step, shake hands the lady goes then the man goes and back to normal hold and back to your basic step.

    So, it s really a pretty simple step but it s one of those things where the man has to kind of pat his hand and rub his belly all at the same time. So you have to kind of think about it a little bit. So again, let me just break this down a little bit. So the man is doing his triple-step, triple-step, he switches hands rock-step.

    Now he is going to do a triple-step turning the lady then the triple-step switching the hands behind his back and then rock-step. So again, he does starting from the rock-step, rock-step he turns lady first, triple-step then he turns himself, triple-step, rock-step and then you are back to the basic step at that point.

    So again he has switched hands so he got to shake handhold he does the rock-step, rock-step, triple turns the lady, triple turns himself, rock-step and then back to the basic step again.

    The whole time maintaining that rhythm, so one of the key ingredients in all of these steps is first learning this basic rhythm first, triple-step, triple-step, rock-step and swing in the beginning sometimes it s a little tricky but ultimately it comes one of the easiest dances. So you have to kind of get that rhythm so you get it down solid then it s kind of the same thing over-and-over again.

    So again the guy is going to do a basic step, triple-step, triple-step, shake hands turn the lady and himself; triple-step, triple-step, rock-step, triple-step, triple-step, rock-step.

    So that s the basic underarm back pass. Now we are going to put them all together so you can get an idea of what the swing looks like.