Table Tennis Spins

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Counselor Matt Burch demonstrates how to do table tennis spins and angles.

    Matt Burch: Hey, welcome back. Matt Burch going to be teaching how to play Table Tennis and this is the section where we talk about Spins and Angles and for this section, it's all about Spin. Table Tennis really is a lot about Spin. It's hard to excel in Table Tennis without using Spin. So in this segment we are going to talk about both Topspin and Backspin, when to use it and then in the segment hopefully to follow we are going to be talking about how to defend spin. But in this segment I am just going to teach how to do it. So a pretty simple explanation in there, to create Topspin, you are going to want to use a close racket which just means it's facing towards the table. Hit the top half of the ball, the inner top half lightly so that it catches your paddle, spins forward, so that when it hits your opponent's paddle it's going to shoot up or that hopefully when it hits the table it's going to bounce up creating it tougher for your opponent. Eventually you are going to with your opponent or your partner be going back and forth using Topspin. So again it's going to be a close racket, graze in the top, because once you just barely graze it, you are going to be able to catch it and create that real Topspin.

    To demonstrate that I am going to ask my partner to hit it to my forehand so that I can use the Topspin. That's just a quick demonstration of how to use the Topspin to create the spin.

    The next one is the Backspin. Backspin, you use the opposite racket angle, instead of close you are going to use an open face and you are going to hit the bottom half of the ball. Again it's going to alive so that it catches your racket has spin back towards you and then you hits your opponent's side, it's going to die or that when it hits his racket , it's going to go down and that's going to, when you are in the middle of a rally, it's going to be an effective shot and now I am going to ask my partner to hit it to my backhand so that I can demonstrate the Back spin. Okay that's again a quick demonstration of the Backspin.

    The third spin which isn't used as much is the Sidespin. But if you are in the middle of a rally it can really throw your opponent off if you are using other spins and that's just used by -- side by side you are going to hit again, graze the back of the ball and it's going to create a spin, so that when it comes off your opponent's paddle, it's going to go in a different direction and this is going to be the demonstration of that. So that's the last of the spins, there is the side spin.

    But in this next segment to follow, I am going to teach more about how to defend spins, so that if someone is using spins against you, how you can best defend it and then ultimately win the points and win the game?

    So now that we have learned about the spin especially Topspin, Backspin, we are going to learn how to defend the spin so that when your opponent is using spin against you, how to best combat that. So I am going to ask my partner to use spins when we are actually going to demonstrate that, but let me show you first, when someone uses a Forehand or a Backhand, Top spin in which the ball is spinning towards you, the way to defend it is that you are going to use a close racket which is almost going to be facing the table and then that way when the ball does use the spin against your paddle, it's going to be able to return it. So in a fast point you are going to see using it like a closed grip. For the Backspin it's the opposite. When you see your opponent use Backspin against you, you are going to want to come up under the ball with an open racket, so that you have got plenty of room so that you come up under it and you are going to push it up, so that when it comes off your racket, it's going to be going down, so that you can push it up over the net. Thats the way to defend it. So this is a Forehand that is using top spin.

    So for the next demonstration we are going to be demonstrating how to defend against an opponent who is using the back spin. In that way it actually combats the backspin by lifting it over the net. So in our next segment we are going to be showing Forehands and Backhands and now that you have got the gist of the spins, we are going to start working more on the Forehands and Backhands and also how to use it in a power game.