Table Tennis-The Serve

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Counselor Matt Burch demonstrates how to serve the ball.

    Matt Burch: Hey welcome back, Matt Burch here. In our last segment of How to play Table Tennis where I am going to be teaching how to serve others. There are a couple of different serves that you can use that are very effective but the beginning portion is going to be how to hold the ball and how to hold the racket. The serve you are going to want to have you hand -- for a legal serve have your hand flat with your fingers together and your thumb out and then the ball is going to need to rise at least six inches and at that point you can strike the ball but again it must be behind the end line so that when you do strike the ball it has got to hit your side and didn't bounce on your opponents side, once and only once. If it hits twice on your opponent's it's an illegal serve. So we can only hit once and then go off the base line. You can't go off out of bounds on the side.

    So the main types of serve that you are going to use are your Topspin serve and your Backspin serve. We have been talking in previous segments about how to put Backspin and then how to put Forehand and the way to do it as a serve is again the ball is going to go six inches and so what you are going to do is hit it just as if your opponent hit it and to slice underneath it for a Backspin and the Topspin to hit the top of the ball. But again you have got to do it behind the end line or else it's an illegal serve. The way you want to decide which serve you want to use is going to be different depending on the opponent you play or what you enjoy returning. If you enjoy returning Topspins and you wanted to be a Topspin rally you are more than likely going to start out with a Topspin serve and you want to practice your serves in your spare time so that you can really feel comfortable with and get a good strong serve in because the serve is not something just to begin a point it's actually something where you create who is going to have the power. So use the serve to your advantage to hit the point that you want. You can even do Backhand serves, a Backhand Slice or a Backhand Topspin again knowing what point you want. If you want your opponent to return it as a Backspin then you are actually going to want to start out with a Backspin serve and so that again like we have talked about in previous sections is going to start with a Slice. Bounce once on your side and into opponent's side and he will most likely hit a Backspin back to you. It can be different but the better you get at that serve the more likely he is going to hit a weak return. So you want to practice that in your spare time and the drills to use again would be using your table or using a wall where you can hit repeatedly multiple times. Practice your serve over and over and if you do have a partner, practice with your partner, see if you can serve multiple times in the same way to your partner and try to get strong with both your Forehand and your Backhand serves and for me in particular I like the Forehand Rally. So I am going to start a lot of points out with the Forehand serves. So I am just going to give you one demonstration of a Forehand serve, a legal Forehand serve and that's like so. That again begins the point and hopefully gets the point started off in a good manner for you and that wraps today's lessons up. Thanks for joining me, I have enjoyed teaching about how to play Table Tennis. I hope you have learned something and use these drills and these lessons to improve your own Table Tennis games and again thanks for tuning in.