Tagging Honeybees

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Researchers in Australia are tagging honeybees with tiny sensors to monitor their pollination and productivity in order to better understand Colony Collapse Disorder.

    Researchers at CSIRO are fitting tiny sensors onto honeybees in Australia to try to understand the drivers behind Colony Collapse Disorder.  CCD is a growing problem amongst the honeybee population but these sensors will help scientists monitor the bees pollination and productivity on farms.  The tiny little insects play a big role, providing free pollination services for agriculture that various crops rely on.  They're nature’s farmhand if you will.   Get this—around one-third of the food we eat relies on pollination.  But CCD is wiping out honeybees.  The researchers are also going to look at the impacts of agricultural pesticides on the honeybees. The tiny sensors work sort of like vehicle tags.  Each time the bee passes a checkpoint, information is sent to a central location where researchers use the sensor signals to build a comprehensive 3D model.