Tailgate Etiquette and Safety

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan from The Tailgating Pros will talk about etiquette and safety at your tailgate party.

    Dan Henry

    Dan Henry is a former Food Production Manager who spent 20 years in Hotel prep and banquet kitchens. He has worked with some of the country's top chefs. Dan has also been the Head Chef for his tailgating buddies for all of those years. He has perfected the art of cooking outside for large crowds. He has several published tailgating recipes and has recently started his own website, the tailgatingpros.com.

    Dan Henry: Hi! I am Dan from The Tailgating Pros. I am here to show you how to throw an easy and affordable tailgate party.

    Right now, we are going to talk about etiquette and safety at your tailgate party.

    First thing you want to remember is, even though you are having a party, you are still having a party in a parking lot, so, there's going to be cars everywhere, if you have your kids with you or whatever, keep them on a short leash . You dont want to see anybody get hit by a car at a tailgate party.

    Now, we've got a couple of tips for you for some other things. If you have a charcoal grill, make sure you bring plenty of water to extinguish the coals before you go ended up day. Extinguish the coals, and then put the ashes in a trash bag, keep your site clean, take all your trash with you, dont leave a mess in the park.

    Another thing, if youre going to play a radio, dont play it in obnoxious noise levels. Not everybody has your interest in music. If you are the Head Chef, make sure you have disinfectant wipes, you definitely dont want to have cross-contaminations. It means when you touch raw food, you dont want to touch anything else. You want to clean your hands before you touch anything else.

    A fire extinguisher, who knows whats going to go wrong with that, you never know. If you get into trouble, make sure you have a cell phone. I know everybody has it, make sure you have your cell phone, make sure you have a flashlight, its going to be dark when you come out of the game sometimes, so, if something goes wrong, make sure you have a flashlight. Just exercise safety, and clean up after yourself, everybody is there to have a good time.

    Another thing, if you are going to wear the opposing teams jersey, dont be obnoxious, its a sure-fire way to get your butt kicked. So, try and stay away from that.

    And thats how we exercise safety and etiquette at a tailgate party.