Tailgating Recipes – BBQ Sundaes with Pork, Cole Slaw & Baked Beans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barbecue Expert Mike Hendrick discusses 3 recipes for your next tailgate: BBQ Sundaes with Pork, Cole Slaw, and Baked Beans.

    Mike Hedrick: Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew barbecue. Tailgating is not always about cooking with the charcoal and cooking on site. Sometimes you just take some great things that you have made at home and you brought them and you are just going to put them together on site. So we have cooked up some Carolina pool pork, we have cooked up some baked beans from scratch, just about, well, almost half a can. Then we have got made some coleslaw. We are going to take those that we had made previously and we are going to use this today to make a Barbecue Sundae. What's a Barbecue Sundae? A Barbecue Sundae is something that looks great, it's very functional. It's great for tailgating because you can just have it all in one hand. Then you have the other hand for a libation, a Bloody Mary or a Pop or whatever you are going to have.

    So how you start this thing off is, well, their first question is, what you are going to do with the bun? If we are going to make our Barbecue Sundae in a glass, what you are going to do with the bun? I say stick the bun in your back pocket because you are going to want that for later on.

    What you do, how you start this off is you are going to go ahead and get yourself some of those baked beans and get you a nice layer of baked beans in there. Then you are going to get some of that fresh coleslaw and cabbage and carrots and all that in there. That's a good part. You see our layer starting to add up there guys. Put a nice layer of coleslaw because you want to have your vegetables. You don't just want to be eating pork and drinking cocktails all day.

    We have took our same pool pork that we have made in the other videos, Carolina style, but we have added in a little bit of my Tennessee barbecue smoke sauce. This stuff is great and so it's going to make a real fine top. I am going to say let's go ahead and stick a pickle in. So we can get him rooted down in there a little bit.

    Then we are going to add some pork barbecue right here. This stuff is just smelling great, it's going to be awesome. That's how you make a Barbecue Sundae, perfect for tailgating. Hold it in one hand, you have got your libation in the other hand. Next thing we are going to do, Shroom Bombs, something for that other hand.