Tailgating Recipes – Corned Beef n’ Stash Fatty

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barbecue Expert Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to make Corned Beef n’Stash Fatty for your next tailgate party.

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guys! Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbeque. Sometimes when you are tailgating and a lot of times when you are tailgating, you are staying overnight. What happened in the barbecue circle a long time ago are fatties.

    Fatties would win guys in the middle of the night. We would take just a good sausage roll, just a big old fat sausage roll like this and just set it out there on the smoker. Maybe they would fill a little bit of barbecue rub on there, maybe they would fill some cajun seasoning on there and they would just let that sit out there in their smoker for about half through the night. By the time they woke up in the morning, they had some nice cooked smoked sausage that was just great.

    Some fellows decided to wrap it up with a piece of bacon. Another fellow decided to put something in there. I like all of those ideas but I am not a great big sausage fan, but I do like corned beef 'n hash. So here what I am going to do.

    We are going to make what we call a corned beef 'n hash stashed fatty. What we are going to do is we are going to take this bacon and we are going to make a little blanket. So lay your six pieces out, don't do this out in the hot sunshine because your bacon will fall apart. Just like you did in kindergarten, you are going to go ahead and make a little mat, just alternating back and forth, get it tucked in there nice and tight so that you are making like a little basket weave of bacon. I wish I could clothes made out of basket weave of bacon, that will be great.

    So we are going to go ahead and keep taking these and alternate them right in there because this is going to be basically a bacon blanket that we are going to wrap this thing up with. There will be like a little pink cocoon in there, it would just be a great love right up inside there. Alternate the other way, coming back the other way, come in here using the last piece. I found that six is about the width that another piece of bacon will cover. So when you lay it out, lay six and then start working from six that way because that's about how long a bacon is. It's about six bacon legs.

    Now we are going to go ahead and continue to pick up the alternate pieces here. Again, this is a tad time consuming but the presentation at the very end, the wild factor, just everything is all in one spot as the tailgating kind of a thing. We will just flip your buddies out and they are going to just love it.

    So what you are going to do now is you have got your basic bacon blanket. Look at that, it gets kind of curled up in there and that will just feel great. We are going to go ahead and take our corned beef. Our corned beef hash comes in like pan size. We are going to just smush it down just a little bit and yet we are smushing down right on top of that bacon, that's okay. We are going to put ourselves a couple of pieces of sharp cheese in there to set it in right in there, just like that. Use our aluminum foil or if you had some wax paper, whatever you are going to use to kind of fold it up in there and get this all together, nice and neat. I would like to just kind of bring it together, almost reshape it in kind of like a round version of the candy that it had there.

    Now we are going to take that out of there and get that right inside of our blanket weave of bacon, and we are going to wrap that up. Just roll it nice and easy, nice and evenly until you get the bacon to kind of come around there and tuck in on itself. After you have got it wrapped out nice and neat, what you can do on the ends is just take your extra bacon and just kind of pin it together to kind of hold the ends in, to kind of keep any loose cheese in there and also just kind of neaten up the whole package because as the bacon cooks, it's going to tighten up, it's going to cook that corned beef and stash in there and it's going to be awesome. The best way to do this is about 300-350 degrees. It's going to wind up taking probably about 40-45 minutes to an hour to crisp up the bacon. The corned beef and hash have already been cooked. Of course, the cheese doesn't need any cooking. So you just want to go ahead and get that bacon crisp up. Once it hits a 160 degrees, it gets crispy, you are ready to go.

    You can say, it looks like a little bacon cocoon, just wrapped up, the bacon is tightened up. It's got all that corned beef in there, the toothpicks have held the ends together real nice. I want to head into a little treat for you just for the heck of it. I cooked up an original fatty. So that's going to be your sausage right there with the original bacon idea and then the kicked up corned beef and stash fatty.

    What we are going to do now is cut this thing open and you guys are just going to be amazed. So you are sitting at your breakfast, your buddy comes up and he has got you a couple of scrambled eggs on your plate and the next thing you know, he opens this up, he cuts you a little slab of a corned beef and stash fatty and when you get it, it has you your bacon serving, it's got your corned beef and your potato serving, it's got your little serving of cheese on there and I will tell you what if you stand up on it's end or whatever and just put over your fried egg on top of that, you have really got something.

    So that's how you do a corned beef and stash fatty and actually an original fatty too. The next thing, Spatch-cock chicken.