Tailgating Recipes – Shroom Bombs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barbecue Expert Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to prepare shroom bombs for your next tailgate.

    Mike Hedrick: Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbecue. Today, we are still tailgating, having a blast, the Barbecue Sundaes were great there for lunch. It's mid-afternoon, we just want to pop something in our mouth, something that's got a lot of flavor. Scott Wellz is going to have bacon in there. I think I am seeing the theme today here, but we will discover all of it. So what we are going to do is called Shroom Bombs. My buddy out there in Kaneohe, Hawaii told me how to do this, his name is Kahono. What you are basically going to do is you are going to take some mushrooms. We have already cleaned these up and we are just going to pop the stems out of those. So I have got just like a little buttery knife that I am using, so we can get the stems out of there. We are going to do a couple of these real quick and show you what we are going to do because this is really simple. These are going to be made up ahead of time and usually it's the best way to do these. Make these up at your house and get them all prepared up, put them in the refrigerator, wrapped up nice, so that it would be fresh, keep them cold. Then when you get one down either at the track or at the football game or wherever you are going to get to. What you can do is you can just pop these on to your gas grill, you can pop these on your smoker. You know that they are done, when the bacon gets crisp up. So what we are going to do is we are going to take these and that makes a nice little pocket. You can put just about anything in there. Today, we are going to go ahead and put a little bit of fire in there. So we are going to take a little piece of halopinio and we are going to take the little halopinio, we are going to set him right inside of there, just like that. You can put corn bread stuffing in here, you can put cheese in here, you can put a plethora of stuff in there. We are going to take our bacon, we are going to go over the top, we are going to bring it around the bottom and then we are going start going around the sides to just make a little bacon shroom bomb out of this thing. Once we come around the side here, we are going to use one of our little toothpicks, skew it all the away through. You see, we have made almost like a little hockey puck size, a little shroom bomb. This thing is waiting to go off. So I went ahead and got something going already. So what I am going to do, we will grab them off the grill right now. You can see them, they are sitting on over there and they are just cooking away and they are doing great. So we are going to grab these off the grill. These only take probably about about 300-350 degrees, may be about an hour or so. Like I said, you are going to know that they are crisped up and they are ready. When the bacon is crisped up, it's like a little thermometer, kind of, a thing. They are absolutely fantastic. They have crisped up perfect on the outside, the mushrooms on the inside are cooked up and a little halopinio in there. O My Gosh! That's going to be just a little bit of a fire, but it's going to be just a perfect thing. That's how you make shroom bombs. The next thing we get going on is Peg Leg Chicken Drums. You are going to want to stick around for that because that's just goodness on a stick.