Tailgating Recipes – Spatchcocked Chicken

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barbecue Expert Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to prepare Spatchcocked Chicken for your next tailgate party.

    Mike Hedrick: Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbeque. We are tailgating. And sometimes you have got a little bit more time, you want a little bit more presentation, you want a little bit of wow factor. What can you do? Spatch-cock chicken.

    Spatch-cocked chicken, you asked? Yeah, it's a fancy word for butterflying a chicken or opening them up, so you can cook them quicker and also get more of a surface area. If you cut them through the breast area, then what you are doing is you are butterflying a chicken. If you cut the backbone out and open it up that way, that's spatch-cocking. So we have got a great chicken right here. We have got it washed up, we have got it cleaned out of the inside. We have got that little packet of, I don't know what's inside that thing but I am not checking it out. We have got that thing out of there and we have got him cleaned up. We are going to take this chicken, flip him over on his back.

    We have got some good kitchen shears. They make some poultry shears that are going to be a little bit sharper, a little bit more of a longer handle on there that you are going to be able to get a little bit more leverage on. These are going to work fine. If you look down your chicken, you can almost spot his backbone and we are going to basically cut on one side of it over here and on the other side over there.

    So almost, it's kind of easy when you get started. You are going to hit this thigh area, that's a little hard. You might have to get kind of with two hands. Once you get through that, really it goes kind of quick. Then you basically just finish cutting, jump on this side right here. Keep on right through that thigh, that thigh, bone, joint area, whatever you want to call that.

    What we are going to do is just finish cutting up that backbone which comes out nice and cleanly. We will snip right there into our trash. We are going to open him up this way and give him a nice little crack. Right there, you have a beautiful spatch-cock chicken.

    We are going to take this right here and you can just see how he is all tucked in there. It looks great, you have got the breast meat together, you have got all the meats together. We are going to go ahead and just get some rub on there, nice and even, you could season this up, you could put just about any kind of rub. This is my standard rub, we are just going to get that on there real good. I have got one of these cooked up already.

    As it was cooking about half way through the cooking, I went ahead and got some of our Tennessee smoked barbecue sauce on there because that's going to add the right amount of sweetness but then just that great smoky flavor. Let's go ahead and get this spatch-cock chicken off the grill.

    Look at that, I mean it's just kind of majestic looking in there. It's kind of laid out like he is tanning, well, he could have used SPF 30 or something but he has got some of that good Tennessee smoked barbecue sauce on there. He is looking just great. We have made sure we have got him cooked up to an awesome 170 degrees in the breast. It's perfectly glazed, perfectly crisped up, look at that. That's how you do a spatch-cock chicken. It tastes great. We will catch you at the next tailgating event. Be there, we are going to have a good time.