Tailgating Recipes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Get ready for tailgating with these fun and delicious recipes. Mike Hedrick shows you how to make several dishes that will be sure to intimidate your opponents!

    Mike Hedrick: Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbecue. Today, it's all about tailgating. What we are going to do today is we are going to go ahead and learn what is in a tailgating toolbox that you need to have with you. We are also going to learn the proper way to start a charcoal fire.

    We are going to go ahead and make some barbecue sundaes which are used in some of the things that we have made before, the pool pork, the baked beans and the coleslaw. We are going to go ahead and make shroom bombs. Those are going to be great, they are quick little appetizers.

    Next thing we are going to make is peg leg chicken drums. Those are great, it's almost like a little lollipop on a stick. We are going to make a Corned Beef n' Stash Fatty and we are going to finish off the whole thing with what's called a Spatch-cock Chicken. It looks great but it's really easy to get going. We are going to be going through all the tools and all the ingredients each step of the way.

    You always want to remember safety anytime you are tailgating event. Watch for cars in the parking lot. Also watch out for food safety. Poultry has it's hazards, so make sure you sanitize well. Sharp knives and forks can have problems and then also make sure that anytime you are working with heat or flames, that you are careful with that.

    I have been barbecuing a long time, tailgating even longer time. I am a Pit Boss at Pit Crew Barbecue. We cover NASCAR tailgating. So look for me at a race near you soon. I am also an author and a guest chef with Char-Broil Grills. I am a caterer and an award winning barbecue chef. So let's go ahead and get started learning about tailgating.