Take The Spook Out Of Halloween With Safety

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Safety expert Ann Harkins provides parents with practical tips for trick-or-treating safety.

    Ann Harkins: Halloween is a fun time of the year when we get to dress up and eat a lot of candy. There are also a few safety tips you need to remember. Trick-or-treat at your local mall or in your own neighborhood. Consider going with your children when they trick-or-treat. If that's not possible, make sure they go with friends or older siblings. Be sure your children and teenagers carry a flash light, a glow stick or a reflective candy bag, that makes them clearly visible to others. Secure emergency identification, name, address and phone number discreetly in their Halloween costumes. Remind kids not to enter a strange house or car and be sure they don't accept rides from people in the neighborhood unless they cleared it with you first. Remind your kids and especially your teens not to take short cuts through alleys, backyards or plain fields. Never go out trick-or-treating alone. Whether you are a second grader or a seventh grader, there is always safety in numbers. One last thing; check all treats at home in a place where there is lots of light and be sure your kids know not to eat their treats until they get home. Be safe, have a good time, and I hope you bring home lots of goodies.