Taking Care of Yourself as a Single During the Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Amy Schoen discusses how to survive the holidays as a single including taking care of yourself as a single during the holidays.

    Amy Schoen: Hi, this is Amy Schoen and we are talking about how to survive the holidays as a single. The topic we are talking about is how to take care of yourself as a single during the holidays. During the holidays, the potential tendencies that lot of singles have is because they really want to be with somebody. It is that they tend to fall into, perhaps that is not the best relationship, we call it a convenient relationship. So that they have that someone there for them during the holiday parties, going to the families and even New Year's Eve specially. So you have to be careful because these relationships don't serve you for the long term and you turn around, spring comes along and you are out there again looking for that new person. The toughest time for singles during the holidays is the time I would say from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. For some even through Valentine's Day because they don't have that special someone in their lives that they have really seen most people. Even if they enjoy being single, there is something about not having that person in their lives. So it is real tough time and it is important that you take care of yourself as a single.

    The way the singles can take care of themselves during the holidays is to do stuff they really love. If you are into exercise and taking care, make sure that you get that exercise and pamper yourself, give yourself that spa day. Anything, you have is that you enjoy, anything that you love, participate in it. Make sure that you do the things that are nurturing you and satisfying you so that you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Another way that you can take care of yourself during the holidays is just to be with the people who love and accept you, whether it be your friends or your family. Just surround yourself around supportive people.

    During the holidays it is important to keep in mind the spirit of the holidays which is loving gratitude. To really take care in what is important for you during the holidays whether it is spending time with your family, being with your nieces and nephews, having time just to go out and shop bargains on that after Christmas sale, to just may be travel and go to places that you don't always having the chance to go to. It is again being grateful for what have in your life and what is important for you and if you can really hold on to that, then the holidays will be a good time for you.