Taking Players On in Soccer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soccer coach Tamir Linhart demonstrates how to take players on in soccer.

    Tamir Linhart: Hi, I am Tamir Linhart, owner of Golden Boot Soccer and I am going to teach you today how to score goals in soccer. The first thing you need to know about scoring soccer goals is how to get into scoring position and we're going to start with teaching you how to take the players on.

    First, you want to identify a one on one situation. Once you see you have only one player in front of you, you can actually assertively go one on one and take them on. The first thing you need to do is to accelerate towards your opponents with full speed. The fastest way to get from point A to point B is using the outside of your foot, the reason is, all you need to do is turn your foot slightly inside and then this way you will be able to maintain your running style, okay, just like that. When you get to this position, all you need to do is get your opponent off balance and the way you can do it is by using your legs, your feet and your upper body.

    Once you make your move in the right time, if you come too close to the defender, they will be able to take it, if you are doing your move too early, the defender will have time to react. Okay, again the timing of the move and once you get here, there are hundreds of moves you can use. I am going to show you today five or six moves but again you can be creative, experiment and come up with your own moves. You can also learn and imitate the greatest players in the world and the way they use their moves.

    The first move I am going to use is the inside outside move, I am going to take the ball towards my left, pause a little bit, wait for the defender to make the move and go to my right. This way and I am going the other way. The other one is by doing the opposite. Take the ball with the outside of the foot to the right, defender looses his balance and then I am using the inside of the foot to go the other way, okay and go the other way.

    Next one is the scissors move. With the scissors move you fake as if you are taking the ball with the outside of the foot one way, go over the ball, defender looses his balance and I am again using the outside of my other foot to go the other way. Let's demonstrate, one, two and go the other way. Next I'll demonstrate a move that the great Ronaldo is usually doing it, and what he does is dragging the ball with his right foot, across his body, fake as if he is taking his left foot go that way, go over the foot, the ball runs this way and he is actually going towards the original direction. Let me demonstrate, just like that, and go the other way. Next one is a little bit fancy. You fake a pass to the right, drag the ball back, take the ball behind your left foot, bring it back with the opposite foot and go the other way. Let's try it, again fake a pass, fake it this way, bring the ball with the opposite foot and go the other way. These are some of the moves you can use in the games. Again only examples, you can use many of your moves, you can look at other players who use these successful moves on the field, be creative, experiment and perform, execute on the soccer field.