Taking Yoga on the Beach

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Yoga on the beach is becoming a popular thing to do in Venice Beach, Fl. Yoga instructor, Elin Larson, who started the yoga classes on the beach 4 years ago, has seen classes grow from 6 yoga enthusiasts to over 300.

    Elin Larsen: Let's lie down and relax Female Speaker: By the time the sun rises, it's almost too late to grab a coveted spot on Venice Beach.

    Tom Bugenhagen: l come out here partly because my wife was to come and so she humors me and I humor her and then I find, I enjoy at it as well.

    Toby Geiger: I'm in heaven. Female Speaker: Twice a morning, every morning the beach beckons to devotees of yoga. Tom Bugenhagen: Our impression was wow, isn't as astounding and they have men here too. Female Speaker: Yoga instructor Elin Larsen leads the classes. She is a transplant from Connecticut. Four years ago, Larson decided to take advantage of the natural Florida scenery for her own enjoyment and a few folks to decided to join her.

    Elin Larsen: We started out with six people, kind of doubled every day till we got to our hundred on our first year and then it's grown to off and over three hundred.

    Female Speaker: Classes are free. Men and women of all ages and all abilities are welcome.

    Tom Bugenhagen: It helps out my fitness and it's great way to wakeup in a morning. You come out here, the first thing, get this yoga for half hour in this lovely setting, it's just a wonderful.

    Toby Geiger: I actually came down with a tic I had develop from stress, and I had been to neurologist and all kinds of doctors in Cleveland, Ohio, and came to yoga and Elin, through her yoga, I'm now cured. Elin Larsen: Release your hands and roll yourself down to blow it. Finishing with both knees to your chest,Female Speaker: She uses her iPad to shoot and stream her 9 o'clock class online.

    Tom Bugenhagen: I have never seen anything like this anywhere. I think this is unique here to, this setting to Venice. Toby Geiger: There is no comparison, there is no comparison to doing it on the beach versus a gym class.

    Female Speaker: These free classes are at 8-9, just bring the towel or mat or you could participate from afar in your own space.