Tamales-Serving Suggestions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Merrilee Jacobs, Founder and CEO of 3 Hot Tamales, demonstrates how to make tamales including serving suggestions.

    Merrilee Jacobs: Hi, I am Merrilee Jacobs with 3 Hot Tamales and today I am teaching you how to make tamales for yourself. We have gone through the process and now the very best part eating them. And I had a couple of ideas here for serving suggestions and ways to garnish them. After they come out of this steamer, you may want to wait until they cool just a little bit because they are very warm and I would strongly suggest you remove the corn husk, nobody needs that much fiber. Potato green chillies are here on the yellow plate with a side of black beans and the salad and I love to garnish these with just a little bit of red salsa, homemade is fabulous, a little bit of red salsa and maybe just a touch of sour cream and the burger. Red chilly tamales work wonderfully well with the side of Spanish rice, maybe a little garnishing with the spicy salsa verde, just like that, easy and very filling. So now that you have learned how to garnish and some serving suggestions for your tamales, you are ready to enjoy a delicious meal. Thank you for watching.