Tankless Electric Water Heater Sizes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mike Dunn with Stiebel Eltron discusses the benefits of tankless electric water heaters and the importance of choosing the right model and size for your needs.

    Mike Dunn: Hi! I am Mike Dunn Steibel Eltron. Today I am going to discuss the benefits of tankless electric hot water heater, often called on demand or instantaneous water heaters, they differ from tank water heaters. If you are considering buying one, its important to choose the right size and model. With a tank water heater you can turn on one fixture, then another and so on. Hot water flows from each fixture until the tank runs out.

    With a tankless water heater, turn on a fixture and the hot water never runs out, but turn too many fixtures and it cannot keep up, choosing the right tankless water heater means knowing how many fixtures must run at the same time, then hot water is truly is endless. A tankless electric water heater as other advantages. It needs very little room, doesnt need venting, and doesnt need propane or gaslines coming into the house. With no tank full of hot water to cool off, there are no standby energy losses resulting in savings of 10% to 30%. Tankless electric water heaters are also 99% to 100% efficient. There are various sizes of tankless electric water heaters to consider. The smallest models are designed to provide warm water for hand washing, larger models can supply warm or hot water at a single sink and the largest models can provide endless hot water to an entire house. The more fixtures you supplied with hot water at the same time and the colder the climate you live in, the more powerful a tankless hot water heater you will need. So why not just install the most powerful unit available for one expense? Why pay for more than you need, plus installing the most powerful units may require upgrading electrical service to the house. So how do you choose? All tankless electric manufacturers supply sizing charts. These charts are based on the flow rate, the number of fixtures that need hot water at the same time and temperature rise, the difference between the cold water temperature and how hot the water must be. The flow rate is calculated on how many fixtures need hot water at the same time, not how many fixtures are in the house. This is usually the number of showers taken at the same time. Lastly, electrical requirements must be checked to make sure you have enough power in the house to run these units, especially if the largest of the whole house models are needed. Now that you know more about tankless electric water heaters you can make the right selection for your home.

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