Tanning Bed Assembly

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Buster Tyler, President of Master Tanning shows us how to maintain your home tanning bed. In this video we are talking about the assembly of your tanning bed.

    Buster Tyler: Hello I'm Buster Tyler, President Master Tanning. Today we're going to be talking about maintenance of your tanning bed. Now we'll be talking about the assembly of your tanning bed. First your tanning bed comes in two boxes, one of the boxes is marked B and one is marked H. The B is the bottom of the bed, so if we open up that box and take out the bottom of the bed and set it directly down on your carpet, bulbs down, acrylics down facing the floor. You're going to see that there're six bulbs on the top of the bed, don't screw them there, just finger tight and take them out. Also underneath of the bed you're going to see two legs, those will assemble where you took those six screws out. Go ahead and assemble your two legs, and now you can take your bed and flip it directly over onto those legs. You can go back into your little box and you'll find the hinges and the parts that will be needed to assemble your tanning bed. Take the hinges and place the left hinge on the left side the right hinge on the right side. Also included are two alum screws and two washers. The small alum screw and its washer will be placed on the bottom of each of the hinges, go ahead and tighten those down with the alum wrench and now take your bushing, slide it into the top, take your alum wrench and your Teflon washer, go ahead and put it in your bushing. Now take the top part of the tanning bed out of the box and slide it on to the hinges. Take the alum wrench and tighten down each of the alum screws on the top of the bed. Now your top assembly is mounted with the hinges to the bottom assembly. If you take your shocks out at the top, out of the box. You can snap your snap your shocks on to your top and your bottom. Now take your tanning bed and plug your top into your bottom and now your tanning bed is fully assembled.