Tanning Bed Cleaning

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Buster Tyler, President of Master Tanning shows us how to maintain your home tanning bed. In this video we are talking about the cleaning of your tanning bed.

    Buster Tyler: Hello I'm Buster Tyler, from Master Tanning. Today I want to show you how to maintain your home tanning bed. Now we'll talk about the cleaning of your tanning bed. The first thing you want to do is un-plug your tanning bed and after that you want to remove your acrylic. There're these two profile strips, one in the front and one in the back. Those profile strips will snap up and you'll just pull your acrylic directly out. It's on the track and it just slides right out. In the same way with the top, you'll take those profile strips loose and you'll slide that acrylic out. Now you'll take each bulb in your tanning bed out of your bed. Turning one quarter turn and your tanning bulb will snap directly out. If it's in the top make sure you have both hands on it so it doesn't fall. Now that you've removed all the bulbs from your tanning bed take your acrylic cleaner, spray down your reflectors and take a soft cloth and wipe down all the reflectors on your tanning bed. Now wipe down each bulb remove all the dust. Now that you've done that, replace all the bulbs back into your tanning bed. Put your bulb in, one quarter turn you'll hear it lock and now the bulb is locked in place. Clean the acrylic with your acrylic painter, the front and the back and now take your acrylic and slide it back into the tanning bed onto the tracks that are on the left and the right hand side of the bed. Now take the profile strips, lock them in place. Now take your vacuum cleaner and go to left and the right hand side of your bed on the top and the bottom and you'll see bend holes, clean those with the vacuum cleaner and also on the top and the bottom you are going to see a fan clean that also with your vacuum cleaner. After you clean your tanning bed fans, now you're ready to use your tanning bed.