Tanning Bed Lamp Replacement

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Buster Tyler, President of Master Tanning shows us how to maintain your home tanning bed. In this video we are talking about how to change your tanning lamps.

    Buster Tyler: Hello, I am Buster for Master Tanning. Today I like to talk to you about the maintenance of your tanning bed. And now I would like to show you how to change your tanning lamps. The first thing you want to do is unplug your tanning bed and after that, you want to remove your acrylic on the front and the back on the bed or two profile strips. You'll snap those strips up.

    When those strips are snapped up you'll be able to take your acrylic and slide it directly out towards you. Now, that you remove the acrylic take your bulb, twist it one quarter turn and lift above directly out. Now that the bulbs is out of the sockets, take your new bulb, put the bulb into the socket and twist it one quarter turn with the writing of the bulbs where you can read it.

    And now take your acrylic on the very front slide it back into the track and acrylic will slide directly into the bed all the way to the back. And now snap the front and now snap the back profile strip. And now you just changed your tanning bulb. When you're looking at your tanning lamps and deciding which tanning lamp you need, on the front of the bed there is the description of the tanning lamp that's in your bed.

    You can either get that bulb or you can get a compatible bulb from your dealer. And when should you change your lamps; normally in a home tanning bed about every three to four years you'll need to change your lamps. You'll be able to tell when to change your lamps because the intensity of your tan would not be as good as it were when it was brand-new. And so that's how you change your tanning lamps. Now plug it in and enjoy.