Tap Dance Riffs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance Expert Katie Jackson demonstrates tap dance riffs.

    Hi my name is Katie Jackson and I'm here at Studio Bleu Dance center in Ashburn, Virginia. Today I'm going to show you how to tap dance and I'm going to start off today showing you how to do a Riff. Now, I'm going to break it down. A Riff is one of our basic tap steps. You are going to start with your toe push your weight into your toe and then you are going to stuff with your heel.

    So, basically it makes two sounds, as it goes through, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe, heel. Make sure that you hear both sounds when doing a Riff, toe, heel, toe, heel, toe, heel. When you do it faster it sounds as if it's one motion. So, now we are going to bring it down one more time. Toe, heel, speed it up, as you got, now speed it up Riff and that's how you do a Riff and now, onto the Toe Cramp Roll.