Tap Dance – Simple Time Steps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Roger Riggle demonstrates simple time steps.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: I am Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are exploring the world of advanced tap dancing and this is my assistant Alison Taylor who will be doing the demonstrations for you. In a simple time step, we first stomp the foot as we showed you earlier at stomp, stomp and then we hop and we come down on the right toe and then you flap that's two sounds and then you switch weight and stomp again.

    Hop, step, flap and hit. Hop, step, flap and hit hop and then we work it up tempo hit, hop, step, flap and hit hop step flap and hit hop step flap and hit facing the eight counts. One two three four five six seven eight and two two three four and five six seven eight and there is a simple time step for you and here is a look at the simple time step from a side view. Five six seven eight. Hit, hop, drop, flap and hit, hop, drop, flap and hit.

    Now we are going to add some more sounds to it and make it a double time step in advanced tap dancing.