Tap Dance – Time Step Connector

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dance instructor Roger Riggle demonstrates the time step connector.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: I am Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are exploring the world of advanced tap dancing. Now that we have shown you the simple, the double, the triple and the LA time step, I am going to show you what I called a connector. Often times when I choreograph, I will take a series of time steps and I will put them together with connectors. So we will actually connect like a simple time step to a connector to a double time step.

    The connector that I basically use is a brush with the right foot. This is my advanced student Alison Taylor and she is going to show you how to do the connector. You brush with the right foot, drop the left heel then you shuffle which takes no weight and you switch off toe heel right left. Yeah and then we do it on the left foot because the left foot is available at this point. So we will brush back with the left toe. Drop the right heel, shuffle pick up and switch off toe heel and we end it with flap on the right foot and ball change left to right. Ball of one foot change to the other.

    There is a flap on the right foot takes weight. Demo it one more time. Flap and ball change left right. Ball change. Ball of one foot change to the other. That's the connector. Now the connector make things a little difficult because you are picking up the shuffles all the time and no weight goes on them. So you have to be able to control your weight change. Here we go slowly. We will brush heel, shuffle, switch off, toe heel. Brush heel, shuffle, switch off.

    Up to tempo. Five six seven eight and in flap ball change and there is your connector. Now show you from the side and there is the time step connectors and now we will put the connector in between all of the tap dancing time steps we have learned.