Tasty Grilled Tuna Steaks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make a delicious meal of grilled Yellowfin Tuna marinated with Lemon and Garlic.

    Chef Phil Anderson: Today it's a great day for grilling. It's just beautiful out here, and we're going to do a Grilled, Yellow-Fin tuna. This will serve two people, there are two six-ounce steaks and I took a teaspoon of the chopped garlic or two cloves, and then I put some lemon zest and lemon juice, one lemon and then olive oil, a quarter of a cup and I marinated that.

    You want to keep on flipping it so that each side gets a little bit of the marinade, and you do it for about an hour and half. So we're going to grill this now, it's about 450 degrees. You always want to use a spatula or tongs; so I never want to use a fork to pierce the food. Hear that sizzle and I want don't want to cook it till it's really well done. It eats like meat like a fillet mignon, so if you like your fillet mignon rare, you like your tuna rare. I keep it there for about two minutes and now I'm going to turn it up over to get a nice grill mark on it. If it sticks then it's not ready to go. There we go.

    Look at that, isn't that beautiful? Now we have to wait a little longer here because bars need to do their job, that's going to taste really nice. I'm ready for this. Okay, well there you are, a grilled tuna. It's like the fillet mignon and seafood. Enjoy!