Tattoo Healing Do’s and Don’ts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tattoo artist Chad Koeplinger discusses tattoo healing do’s and don’ts.

    Chad Koeplinger: Hi, my name is Chad Koeplinger from Tattoo Paradise in Washington D.C. Today, we are making a video about tattoo and piercing aftercare. We have done the rundown from cleaning it off, to washing it, bandages, lotions, ointments and what to expect. Now, we have come to the dos and don'ts of tattoo healing which is pretty important.

    Well, first of all, if you do get a scab on your tattoo, don't pick it. Come on man, you are not ape, you are not trying to get a scar, you are trying to get a nice, healed tattoo and the only way to do that is to not pick at it. Don't touch it with dirty hands, there is no reason for that. Most people don't even realize how filthy their hands are.

    So, do me a favor and yourself a favor. Wash your hands before you touch your tattoo, okay. It's really important. It's also important not to let anybody else touch your tattoo at all. All of your friends are going to want to go look at your tattoo. Well you know what, see with your eyes not your hands, okay.

    Once it's healed up, they can touch the tattoo all they want. That's between you and them, but, in the meantime just to stop your play man. I am trying to have something nice here, so back off.

    You want to I have already explained to you about that lotion and the ointment and everything like that. So, refer back to that chapter. You want to stay out of direct sunlight, so no tanning or anything of that nature during the healing process because the direct sunlight on it, the sunburn on the tattoo hurts a lot and you don't want to experience that believe me. No swimming or taking actual proper bath, take a shower instead. You don't want to overload with water and moisture and everything like that. Ultimately, taking care of your tattoo is a real simple thing to do. It is as easy as just leaving your bandage on for until the next morning, washing it thoroughly, letting your tattoo dry properly and then putting on lotion just a few times a day and that's it.

    Thanks a lot for watching this tattoo portion of the video. We are going to move in over to the body piercing aftercare part. Zane Willet will be here to help you out. Enjoy.