Tea Pairings – Green Tea, Chai, Zingers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Celestial Seasonings Senior Blendmaster Charlie Baden pairs different teas with delicious foods for the optimal flavor experience.

    Charlie Baden: Hi I am Charlie Baden, Senior Blend Master with Celestial Seasonings. We have been talking today about tea and what healthy beverage is and how it's good for you. So now we are going to talk about tea and how it pairs up with your favorite foods. Let's start with green tea, green tea the more delicate flavorful vegetative tea, so it goes very well with vegetarian dishes, sea food dishes. In the example we have here we have a salmon dish with broccoli and small potatoes and we have honey lemon ginseng, honey and lemon perfect with sea food dish, so it's a good pairing.

    Next we have a wonderful dessert tray and Chai which is a very decadent dessert type drink goes very-very well with any type of dessert rich or not. Chai is very-very unique to where it's a caffeinated black tea spice blend. One thing to notice with the Chai is the brew method is a little it different, I brewed a tea bag and three quarters of a cup of hot water, brewed for four minutes, after the brew I remove the tea bags squeezed it and then added a quarter cup of milk so that that gives the cup of tea as uniqueness the uniqueness of Chai. So it goes very-very well with an after dinner dessert or cookie. Okay the next tea paring we have is more of a sandwich variety in this case what you see on the place is a panetti with fries, Our Zinger grouped teas, tibiscus based fruity teas goes very-very well with sandwiches and more of your lunch type items.

    These are just a few variations of samples that we put together, but the options are unlimited. So today we have gone through just about everything we need to know about tea and how healthy of a beverage it is and it can be, everything from the definition to the proper brewing times to the wellness benefits to the pairing with different food groups to different teas. But drinking tea might be the most delicious medicine you ever tasted. Thank you very much.