Teaching Kids to Play Golf

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Golf Expert Jay Golden discusses golf tips for kids.

    Jay Golden: Hi! I am PGA member, Jay Golden and my goal on this series is to teach parents how to bring up their children in golf. How to teach them golf, so that they will enjoy it, so they will have fun with it and so that it would become the game of a lifetime. You can play golf from 1 to a 101. If a child is brought up correctly, properly, where its fun, where its simple, they will continue to play. If in the beginning its too complicated, do this, do this, do this; if they don't like it, they are going to quit and they never going to play again. My goal is to make it fun and interesting to teach you how to raise a child who is going to love golf forever. The clips are going to be on the full swing, chipping, putting, fun drills, rules, manners and, of course, safety. I am going to stress safety and so should you. A ball is like a rock, a club, a piece of steel. If you do it at home, may be there is younger children around, may be there is a dog. You don't want them around while a child is swinging and hitting a wiffle ball. On the golf course, on the driving range, not to walk in certain spots, not to take practice swings around people. Safety will be stressed.

    For materials, you are going to need a golf club or two. A golf club, the size is very important. How do you know what size? Take a gold club and put it against you, against your waist. A driver is going to be a little above your waist, the 9 iron is going to be a little below your waist and other clubs are going to be in between. No matter how tall or short your child is, put a club against them and it should be in the same relationship to the waist. Other materials, golf balls, wiffle balls and you are going to need a child or children or more than one. In terms of my credentials, I was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988. I have played junior golf as well as miniature golf. I have taught thousands of juniors, junior golf videos. I wrote children's golf coloring books. Possibly my proudest moment, raising my three children in golf and and one of them, my son Jeff, as a 23 year old amateur played in the US Open in 2007 at Oakmont.

    Parents, raise your children in right way, they will play golf for a lifetime. If you raise them in a wrong way, too stiff, too complicated, they might quit and never play again. I hope that you get a lot from this series.