Technical Novelty Swimsuit Trends

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Holly and Melissa from MYO Magazine discuss the latest swimsuit trends this year including new technical novelties.

    Holly: Hi! I'm Holly.

    Melissa: And I'm Melissa from MYO Magazine. And we're here in Sunny Laguna Beach to talk swimwear trends for 2013.

    Holly: What are you doing Melissa? Oh! My god, don't.

    Melissa: Just taking a picture of our Instagram. We are tech-savvy now a days and this is a trend that even resonates in swim. We are seeing a ton of placement prints with the fabric is engineered so the each suit is made exactly the same.

    On Lindsay, we have the GUESS'S Haute Taboo Sweetheart Bra with the top side paint. It's an engineered floral print and it has a snakeskin binding. Thanks Lindsay.

    Holly: Gretchen is wearing LUXE by Lisa Vogel Pandora Sway Tankini. This has a laser cut overlay that gives the top so much movement. The asymmetrical cut generally skins the body and doesn't clean to her curves. Thanks Gretchen.

    Melissa: If you're looking for a suit that will stand out in the crown, make sure you try one with one of these innovative techniques.