Techniques for Playing Guitar Hero III

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Russel Baldonado shows a few tips for succeeding at Guitar Hero III.

    Russel Baldonado: Hello everyone; Russel Baldonado, Guitar Hero expert. In this clip I'll show you guys how to play the guitar. The first thing you want to do is take the strap and place it around your neck and shoulder. You want to adjust the strap or it's just right by your waist. You don't want the guitar right here where it's too hard to play or too low where you have your hands supporting it. You want the strap to do the work for you.

    So you take one hand and place it by the neck of the guitar where the fret buttons are and you take the other hand so your thumb over here is by the strum bar and your fingers are free for the whammy bar.

    So playing the guitar is pretty simple. What you want to do is press the note that you want to play by pressing down on the fret button and you play it by strumming. So let's look at that in the game.

    So here we have some notes going down the screen. To play them you would hold down the chords binding button on a guitar and strum when it reaches the target below. Pretty easy and you would just do the same for the next note, press the chords binding fret and strum. If you strum too early or too late you'll hear this little noise that lets you know that you didn't get it right. Now here we have some Power Chords. Power chords are just multiple notes played at the same time. These are played the same way as single notes. The only difference is you will have to hold down more than one button. Sometimes you'll have these long notes to play. To play them you hold down the fret button for the duration of the note. If you let go too early the note will get cut-off.

    When you have a long note you can press down on the whammy bar to bend the note and make the song of your own. To use star power you first have to fill up your star power meter and you do that by playing all the notes that look like little stars. When you get all the star notes in a row a lightening bulb will fill up your star power meter. To use your star power, tilt your guitar up or press the (-) minus button.