Tennis for Beginners – Introduction

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis professional Doug Kegerreis demonstrates the basics of playing tennis.

    Doug Kegerreis

    Doug is the President of CIT. With 25 years of professional tennis teaching and management skills to his credit, Doug is the consummate tennis expert. In addition to his duties with CIT, he is a physical education specialist at Oakton Elementary School, and fitness director of the 4-Star Jr. Tennis Academy in Merrifield. "CIT has at its core a commitment to develop players who will continue to play tennis." Doug said. "With first-timers we emphasize fun. We've learned that when they have fun, they keep coming back and stay in the game." Doug has earned a Master of Science in Sports Management from the University of West Virginia. He is a current member of the USPTA and certified through its professional standards. He has had several articles printed in USPTA publications. The Mid-Atlantic Professional Tennis Association awarded Doug the honor of Greater Washington Professional of the Year in 1994, and just recently awarded him High School Coach of the Year in 2005. International Country Club, Fairfax Racquet Club, Mid-Town Tennis Club in Chicago, and Sea Pines Racquet Club in Hilton Head, South Carolina, all have had the pleasure of Doug's tennis expertise.

    Doug Kegerreis: Hi! I am Doug Kegerreis, President of Chantilly International Tennis in Fairfax, Virginia, and today we are at the Penderbrook Community and we are shooting a video to help you learn how to play this great game of tennis.

    I am a USPTA certified tennis professional and I've been teaching this great game for 28 years. And it is a terrific game, after 28 years, I am sold on it, and I think it's the greatest game to play, great exercise. It stimulates both your body and your mind with all the strategy that is involved in the game.

    The key in my opinion is that you learn how to play properly and that is why I am here to help you with that information.

    What you'll learn in this video today will be the basics of tennis; how to hit a forehand and a backhand, how to hit a volley, what's the shot directly out of the air, and of course, you can't play a real game of tennis without learning how to hit a serve, and I'll show you a very easy way to learn how to do that.

    It's not a difficult game to play. It does not cost a lot of money to play. You go to a public tennis court, most high schools have courts; all you need is a racket, a can of balls, a pair of tennis shoes, and you are good to go.

    So come on with me and we are going to learn to how to play this great game of tennis.