Tennis Game Improvement – Approach Shot and Net Transition

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Jimmy Nguyen Founder demonstrates how to execute a proper approach shot.

    Jimmy Nguyen: Hi, Jimmy Nguyen here, Founder of Easy Tennis. Today, I'm going to teach you how to improve your tennis game. In this segment, we're going to take a look at the approach shots and how to execute a proper approach shot. Basically what is an approach shot? An approach shot is a shot that allows you to attack the ball, not hit an alright winner. An approach shot is a short ball that bounces within the service line or short ball away from the baseline, that gives you an opportunity to attack the ball, whether if you want to hit it with power, or angle. The key component when doing the approach shot is the footwork. You want to make sure what the footwork that we're stepping into the ball, taking at least 3-4 steps forward and having that proactive footwork. So as you're approaching to the ball, you want to make sure, as you're running to the ball, you're slowly prepping at the same time. And you know what my foot is doing, it's moving forward. So again, if I see a short ball, I am going to run, taking few steps and I am doing my preparation and notice my racket, it's preparing while I am moving.

    Again, we see a short ball approaching, moving to the ball, you notice where my racket, it's slowly doing that preparation, I am turning my body. The key is when you're approaching to an approach shot, the key is to bend those knees, lower your center of gravity. As you hit the approach shot, you want to make sure when you take your racket back, you have a compact swing. You don't need to take the racket all the way back here. Just do a nice -- take your racket preparation right over here and then you are going to slowly follow through. After you do follow through, the key is to do Split step. That's going to prepare you for the next shot from your opponent, and you can transition to the net and volley, whether it's a four hand volley or the backhand volley. So once he does that follow through, he's going to do a split step. That split step ensures that he is prepared for the next shot. Then he is going to transition through the net and volley. Coming up in our next segment, I am going to teach you how to do a proper serve, with arm toss and weight transfer.