Tennis Game Improvement – Chip and Charge

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Jimmy Nguyen Founder demonstrates how to hit the Chip and Charge.

    Jimmy Nguyen: Hi! Jimmy Nguyen, founder of Easy Tennis. Today I'm going to teach you how to improve your tennis game. In this segment, I'm going to teach you how to hit the Chip and Charge.

    This old classic style can be used in today's game, believe it or not. There are two primary grips for doing a Chip and Charge. The ideal grip would be using a continental grip, but now let's look into a eastern grip. Those of you who are using an eastern grip, basically the motion is still the same, it's still a block motion, just like a slice where forehand ground stroke. But the thing about the chip with the eastern grip is that you want to do a little quick swipe, a little brush, a little quick hit to the ball.

    The thing is that unlike the continental forehand, the eastern grip, you have to actually brush up on the ball. It'll be hard to chip downward like this, so the motion would look like this, a little quick hit. Notice how I'm blocking the ball. I'm not doing a stroke, neither am I doing a slice, it's a block motion. So that eastern grip, block motion, block motion. After I chip, I am going to transition, get ready to do either an Approach shot or a Volley.

    Pay close attention to Walden's grip. He's using a continental grip. So you remember that continental grip, downward, he has to be opening up a little bit of his palm, blocking the motion in. So remember, when you're doing the chip, it's not a slice or a forehand ground stroke, it's a stroke in between. A simple block, that's what a chip is.

    Nice block, after he does his block, pay close attention to his footwork. He was -- just he is going to transition forward, to prep for either the Approach shot or the Volley. Hopefully, by using these tips and techniques that we learned today and the demonstration done by Tiana and Walden you can bring your best game out today. Remember, learn and play the easy way.