Tennis Game Improvement – Countering High Balls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Jimmy Nguyen Founder demonstrates how to counter high balls.

    Jimmy Nguyen: Hi, Jimmy Nguyen, Founder of Easy Tennis. Today I'm going to talk about how to improve your tennis game. In this segment, I'm going to teach you how to counter high balls. Important component just like I mentioned in previous segments, is that we want to make sure we have proactive footwork because when we're hitting high balls, you want to make sure, we don't want to hit above our shoulders that point of contact that's where the ball meets the strings. We want to make sure we don't hit above the shoulder. So what do we do to combat the high balls as the high ball is approaching, you want to make sure you move your foot a little bit backwards. Let the ball descend to your -- I would say shoulder to waist level. Let the ball descend and you're going to hit it in your normal strike zone, you remember that point of contact it's in front. Execute that normal follow through. So remember not above the shoulders because you loose that control and that power. Using that footwork you see the high ball, moving back let the ball descend and hit. So remember, it's about moving your feet, with the backhands we want to use an extreme eastern backhand grip or eastern backhand grip. Right now I want to demonstrate how to grip an extreme eastern backhand grip. First I am going to take this racket tuck it underneath my left arm because I'm a right handed player. If you're a left handed player it would vice versa. On the right, underneath the right arm, because I'm right handing, I'm a right handed player I want to tuck under my left arm just like that, and I am going to take my right hand and I'm going to grip my racket just like I'm going to pull out a sword and you grip that out. You notice that the meat part of my hand is place directly on this flat surface we call this the bevel. When this meat part of my hand places on this bevel right here, that's how you know you got a proper extreme eastern grip. So to hit the high balls , you want to make sure for the one hand backhand, we take the ball right underneath and we've taken the ball underneath place it in front, execute a low to high motion. That's a key when hitting a high shot, a high ball on your one hand backhand. Take it low to high, low to high; again, the grip that we're using is the extreme eastern grip for that one-handed backhand. So you notice my motion, I'm doing a low to high motion as I'm doing the swing path. Low to high and again always keep in mind that proactive footwork. But what about for the two handers, for those of we who're using two-handed backhand, we use a slightly different technique. With two-handed I want to make sure if you're right handed as you're approaching a high ball, what I call this as a jumping backhand, it's pretty advance. So what we are going to do when hitting the two-handed backhand, this jumping two-handed backhand what I am going to do as I'm going to lift off my right foot, so I'm putting the pressure my right foot, as I'm approaching the ball I'm going to lift up my left leg. You notice what my racket is doing it's already in preparation mode.

    So, step one to preparation, left leg steps up. Again preparation and my left legs steps up. Step two is the swing, as I swing you can jump a little hop forward that little hop as you're swinging to the ball you should follow through. So again lift up your left leg swing and hop, so one complete motion. So you want to make sure you jump off your right leg and stress out your left leg backward.

    In our next segment, I'm going to teach you how to do a chip and charge, the classic style.