Tennis Game Improvement – Countering Low Balls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Jimmy Nguyen Founder demonstrates how to counter those tricky low balls.

    Jimmy Nguyen: Hi, Jimmy Nguyen, Founder of Easy Tennis. Today I'm going to teach you how to improve your tennis game. In this segment, I want to teach you how to counter those tricky low balls. The first thing you want to consider when hitting those low balls is actually getting for the racket preparation, is to bring down the racket preparation when hitting the low balls. Traditionally most players they like, when they are standing at the baseline, they like to bring the racket preparation back up here. But when you're hitting low balls, actually you want to make sure you bring your racket preparation downwards, bring it down a little bit. Remember you want to keep your stroke nice and simple. Nice and simple.

    So as you see a low ball approaching you want to make sure as I emphasize in the previous segments, to always make sure you have proactive footwork. You step into the low ball, don't wait for that low ball to come to you, you got to take the initiative to step into the low ball. So you remember, early racket preparation stays down, my knees are bent, we want to lower our center of gravity. Remember every tennis player has got that core, that core is in your abdominal muscles. So you keep it low as you're executing the stroke and then you're going to follow through. So remember when hitting that low ball step in, be proactive your footwork. Take it to the point of contact then follow through, that follow through is the golden rule when executing any ground stroke. Pay close attention to the Waleden's(ph) footwork, notice how he is always moving his feet but the thing is that where is his preparation. His preparation is going to be downward, he's stepping into the ball and you can see he's going to execute that follow through on every single shot.

    Coming up in our next segment, I'm going to teach you how to counter at the high balls.