Tennis Game Improvement – Hit and Recovery

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis instructor Jimmy Nguyen Founder demonstrates how to look at hit and recovery at the baseline.

    Jimmy Nguyen: Hi, Jimmy Nguyen here, Founder of Easy Tennis. Today, I'm going to talk about how to improve your tennis game. In this segment, we're going to look at hit and recovery at the baseline. Here with me, today is Waleden(ph), he will be demonstrating the hit and recovery, both the forehand and the backhand ground strokes. First off, we want to make sure that when you're hitting, when you're playing tennis matches, especially when you're doing rally or you're playing tennis matches, you want to make sure that as you're hitting, you don't want to, after you hit and you just stay non-responsive. You want to make sure you be proactive, making sure that your feet always, constantly move. So after you're hitting, you always move. I am always taking multiple steps, at least three to five steps after I hit, per shot. Basically when we're doing this, hit and recovery, as we're approaching as the ball is approaching away from our body, you want to make sure, we run to the ball, hit, as soon as we follow through, my back leg is going to step up and I am going to shuffle back to the center for recovery. Why do we go back to center of court, is want to make sure our opponent doesn't hit winners off of backhand or forehand side. So making sure, keep in mind, always moving your feet at least three to five times after each shot. If you get pulled out wide you want to make sure that back foot is going to step up and then you going to shuffle quickly and back in the center and that's a key to hit and recovery. In our next segment, I am going to teach you how to hit low balls, those tricky low balls that bounces below knee height.