Tennis-Overhead Smash

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tennis Instructor Frankie Dell demonstrates the overhead smash.

    Frankie Dell: Hi, I am Frankie Dell I am a professional Tennis instructor, you are watching how to play at the net. Next, I will demonstrate the overhead smash. So now we know why we might play at the net and the main shot you hit at the net is a volley. There is also another shot you are going to hit up here at the net, it's called an overhead smash. Now, when you are at the net your opponent may try to hit the ball by you, on this side or they might try to hit the ball by you on this side or they may look and say, Oh, look at all that area behind him. So they may try to lob it over your head into that open space, so you need a shot to reply with when they try to lob it over your head. This is called the overhead smash, lot of people just call it the overhead and it looks similar to a serve. A lot of the preparation and contact point is the same as a serve. So, the lob goes up, turn, overhead smash, overhead smash, smash, smash, that's the overhead smash.