Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Baumann, Senior Scientist for the National Pest Management Association, discusses what termites are and the potential damage they can cause.

    Greg Baumann: Hi! I am Greg Baumann, Senior Scientist for the National Pest Management Association. Today, I am discussing termite prevention and now I'll discuss, what a significant issue these pests have become within the United States. Termites can be a major issue for homeowners in the U.


    , especially in a southern states. These pests typically live in underground colonies or in moist, secluded areas above ground, often building distinctive mud tubes to help gain access to food sources, as well as, to protect themselves from open air. What most often leads to increase seasonal termite pressure is a combination of warm weather and increased moisture, especially during the early spring. With hard sawtooth jaws that work like shears, termites can feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Frequently, these pest bite off extremely small fragments of wood flooring and beams containing cellulose, one piece at the time. Yet, termites can also feed on flooring, carpeting and even wallpaper. Many items for termites which most homers don't recognized until it's too late. Termite colonies can contain up to 2 million members. Although, considered social insects, termites excel at concealing their presence. These pests have the keen ability to remain undetected for long periods of time, which is why termites pose such an enormous risk to homeowners.

    While termites are often hidden, their aggressiveness and their ability to feed incessantly cannot be forgotten. Homeowners often believe that their house just won't get termites. Yet, among pest professionals, there is a belief that there are only two kinds of homes, those that have termites and those that will eventually have termites. Research conducted by the National Pest Management Association shows that termites cause $5 billion in property damage across the United States every year. And this type of damage can be catastrophic as termites can severely undermine the structural dependability of your home and create significant financial losses as these pests often chew through so much beyond wood. Clearly termites have become a major issue in the United States. Next, I am going to discuss how you can identify a potential termite infestation. And more importantly, what you can do to prevent these damaging pests from infiltrating your home.