Texas Hold em – The Flop and its Round of Betting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional poker players demonstrate how to play poker, specifically the flop and its round of betting in Texas hold em.

    Rick Rahim:Okay and I am Rick Rahim, Founder of the Executive Poker Tour, here with professional poker player, Rhett Butler, we are talking to you about how to play No Limit Texas Hold em, and in this segment we are going to talk about the flop and the betting that goes along with the flop, Rhett?

    Rhett Butler:Okay, Rick basically what has happened is that the poker cards have been dealt out and we have completed our first round of betting, now the dealer is in turn going to burn the top card and show us three cards and now the betting is going to start again.

    Rick Rahim:Now, remembering that overall, at the end of the hand, we are going to use the best five card combination, but it is important to talk about the fact that at the end, there will be five cards total with the turn and the river which we will get to plus the player will have two cards, so at this point when we see the flop, we will have three cards out plus the player's two cards, what we need to keep in mind, that there will still be two more cards coming and two more rounds of betting after that.

    Rhett Butler:Exactly, the three cards that are shown here, remember are called community cards and they are for all of us, anybody remaining in the hand, so we are trying to make the best possible five cards out of those three plus the additional two cards to come.

    Rick Rahim:So, at the end of the game, I could literally not use my two cards and play the five cards that are out there, or I could use my two cards in any combination with three cards out there when you might use your two cards with a different three cards out on the board.

    Rhett Butler:Exactly, you can use zero one or two of your cards, you are just trying to make the best possible -Rick Rahim:And the terminology is that your hold cards or the cards that you hold in your hand and nobody else knows and the community cards or the board, are the cards that will be dealt, so for this round of betting the flop consists of three cards and it's traditional to burn the first card on the top of the deck which nobody will see and then we will deal out three cards, keep in mind if there were more than three or four players, all of the players in the hand could equally use these three cards in combination with the two cards in their hand, you might remember from the previous segment that the three players in this game, of the three players, only two remain because the dealer folded his hand and now only Rhett and I have any interest in this game, or the pot and the amount of money in the pot.

    Rhett Butler:Exactly right, now the betting always goes to where the small blind is, or whoever is left or the dealer that is alive, so in this case, there were three players, I am the first to act, I would look at my hand and decide how much do I want to put in the pot? In this case, I am going to check, meaning, I don't want to bet any amount but I don't want to fold it, I want to see what my opponent is going to do.

    Rick Rahim:So you are still in the game, but you are telling me you are not so sure, your hand is the best anymore or you could be trapping me and we will talk about strategy later,Rhett Butler:Exactly.

    Rick Rahim:But what you are saying is, you haven't bet and now I have a decision to make, I could fold, but that would be silly because it won't cost me any money to continue to play, so I could either check and we go to the turn and see another card here or I could bet to kind of figure out where I am at with you and I might bluff you out, I might have the best hand and you might fold, or you could actually call me, or even raise me. So, let me see if the board helped my hand, maybe it improved the cards that I hold, maybe it didn't, and then I have to decide whether that board was likely to help me or you more, or if it didn't help either of us, whether I feel I still have the best hand.

    Rhett Butler:But, remember in Texas Hold em also it is not always the best hand wins, but sometimes it's the best bet wins, so you can bet in Texas Hold em up to whatever you have in front of you, whether it be $5 or $500,000. So, you decide you are controlling the poker game, now because I have checked you and you are going to tell what you want to do and you are going to see how I react to you.

    Rick Rahim: Okay, so the size of the pot is already the six chips you put in before the flop, the six chips I called with and the other player had two chips in the pot that he folded, so we already have money in the pot, to be honest with you I still think I have the best hand, but because we are talking and teaching I will tell you that this board might not have improved my hand, so I will check also and what that means is, the pot is not going to get any bigger, we are risking any more money but we are still both in the game.

    Rhett Butler:Exactly.

    Rick Rahim:Okay, so we both checked and in the next segment we will talk about the turn and the round of betting that comes with the turn in poker.