Texturize Hair – Applying the Relaxer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Bruce Johnson of Avatar Salon demonstrates a process of relaxing hair called texturizing including tips for applying the relaxer.

    Bruce Johnson: Hi! I am Bruce Johnson back here at Avatar for texturizing hair. In this clip we are going to actually talk about how to apply the actual chemical to the hair. I kind of like to work clockwise around the head. So I will start here in this section. Then I am going to move to this one, this one, and then finish up in this one. First, I am going to apply the relaxer to the entire shaft of all four sections on the ends. Then I am going to go in and actually apply the relaxer internally.

    Now, in the beginning I am not going to actually take the relaxer totally to the scalp while I am applying, I am going to go back and do that later. Because this is known as a virgin application. Now what I meant by a virgin application is that her hair is in a virgin state because it hasn't been texturized before. We are going to apply to text the actual perm throughout the hair. We are going to do the texturized process throughout the hair and it's not just a new growth touch-up. So I am going to start almost like a half inch above the actual base of the hair shaft. Then apply to the ends. Now I am working in myself into the interior, applying the relaxer into each section. Now I am working with a certain time zone here because I don't want it to sit on the hair too long. My time zone depends on basically how the texture breaks down. So it's not a particularly set zone, but I really don't want the actual chemical to be in the hair more than 15 minutes. But it all depends on how fast the actual client hair breaks down and you can pretty much feel it as you go along, beginning to change.

    The older hair seems to take longer to break down than the new growth hair down in the bottom, so I kind of work with that first. As I come to the in front of the client's hair, I am very careful to this area so I try to apply there less. Because most people are very, very sensitive in this area. They are very fragile in the follicles there. So I don't want to apply the relaxer there so it could start working as fast. I will apply there less.

    Now I am going into my last section here. Now the last part of the application, I am going around the outside here, round the perimeter to apply the relaxer to that last section I was telling about, all around. So that completes our application process and next we are going to be processing it.