Texturize Hair – Finishing the Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Bruce Johnson of Avatar Salon demonstrates a process of relaxing hair called texturizing including tips on how to finish the look.

    Bruce Johnson: Hi! Bruce Johnson here on texturizing hair. In this next clip we are going to be blow-drying and one of the more important elements of blow-drying is not to apply like direct heat on the hair and also for a texturized look, it's always important to keep the hair moving while you blow-dry so the hair doesn't get used to going in one direction, so I can have a lot of body in the hair. Alright, so let's get started.

    Now I start by going around the entire head with the blow-dryer. Like I said, I want to diffuse the root area so that it can actually just stand up, taking a lot of the moisture out of the hair. Now I've taken most of the moisture out of the hair and again I have gotten that root area to, kind of, just stand straight up. Then I will start directional blow-drying at this point.

    When I directional blow-dry, I just kind of guide the hair to where I want it to be. Then after this, after we blow-dry, we are going to use our flat bar and we're going to silken the hair and get it to where we want it. At this point we have got in the hair a blow-dry to a nice form and we just want to take our flat bar and we are going to silken the hair.

    I am putting a little bit of a light moisturizer on the hair. I just take my flat bar and just give the hair a nice bend. So you get the hair in its motion and while it is warm you kind of hold it and then it will take its form and freeze into that C-shaping and that is the key to getting a nice, clean look. While the hair is warm, just keep it in this form and let it cool in that form, then drop it.

    So now, we are going to continue in this fashion until we have the entire hair completed. What we have got into here is basically something that is just really fine and medium and it just doesn't require a lot of maintenance. I just use a flat bar to get my look and texturizing allowed it to have this body that it has and fullness and without taking all of the integrity out of the hair, if you will. So here we are. Thank you!