Texturize Hair – Neutralizing and Conditioning

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Bruce Johnson of Avatar Salon demonstrates a process of relaxing hair called texturizing including how to neutralize and condition the hair.

    Bruce Johnson: Hi! I am Bruce Johnson back here at Avatar Salon and we are texturizing hair today. So we've gotten a nice texture out of the hair. In this next segment, we are going to talk about how we neutralize and condition the hair to get to this point. The first part of the process, we rinse the hair to thoroughly get all of the chemical out of the hair. Now doing this process we start in the nape area and we start to slowly work our way to the frontal area of the client's head. Now one of the major, major things about this is to over-rinse, just when you think you've gotten all the chemical out of the hair, to go back and repeat the steps over again to make sure that everything is out of the hair. It's very, very important that every part of that chemical is released from the hair. In this process you take about three to five minutes.

    After we finish rinsing the customer's hair, we put a fortifying substance in the hair. It is a conditioner to help strengthen the hair. Now the reason we put it in as soon as we rinse the relaxer is, because we want to apply it while the cuticle layer of the hair is wide open, and as you know, the hair is made up into three parts.