Texturize Hair – Pre-Treatment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Bruce Johnson of Avatar Salon demonstrates a process of relaxing hair called texturizing including the pre-treatment.

    Bruce Johnson: Hi! I am Bruce Johnson. Today, here at Avatar Salon, we are texturizing hair and the first part of the texturizing process is we are going to pre-treat the scalp and the hair shaft for the chemical relaxing. Well, first thing I'd do is apply the actual base cream to the scalp to protect it; first around the outer parameters and then I will start going internally into the hair shaft. One of the main things I don't want to do is to bring too much friction to the scalp. So I'd just apply by taking one stroke on the scalp itself. So let's get started. I am going to go all the way around, making sure I covered the ears very well. Now this process doesn't actually stop the actual chemical from burning, but it does slow down the process on the scalp, in case there is any form of itching or anything that client may have done subconsciously to her scalp. Now I'll go into the interior and again, when I apply the base in the interior, I don't want to cause a lot of frictions. A lot of times you see people doing a lot of this on their scalp, but all you need is one stroke and I just want to lubricate the scalp enough, so that I get enough base right on there so that it relax; it doesn't burn it. And then I'll take my pie partings throughout the scalp, again, using one stroke going through the hair. Again, I am being very gentle with the hair, not trying to cause too much friction or heat to the surface. So I am completing my right side with the base process and then I will work it through on the other side, making sure we lubricate the entire scalp. Now as I complete the left side, I am going to go ahead and pre-treat the entire shaft of the hair and I have my pre-treatment cream which protects the end from over processing.

    I just apply it by the quarter of amount throughout the entire hair shaft, trying not to pull the hair too much because I don't want any tension there. Now, just divide the hair up into four sections and then I will be ready to start my process. Our first section is straight down the center of the head and then we divide both the sides in here at the tip of the ear. Now that I finished pre-treating the hair and scalp, in our next clip, I am going to show you how to apply the relaxing.