Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes – Burritos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis, chef instructor at Bryan’s Kitchen demonstrates how to use Thanksgiving Leftovers to create a new meal after the holiday including burritos.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I am Jim Davis, one of the chef instructors at Bryan's kitchen. Today we are going to be showing you leftovers from the Thanksgiving table and how to use them most effectively. Right now we are going to show you how to make a wonderful Burrito with all those Thanksgiving Leftovers. First, we are going to take a large flour tortilla and we are going to use ham in our Burrito today. You could use turkey; you can use a combination of turkey and ham. You can use any of the leftover meats that you have. We are also going to add a little bit of Swiss cheese to our Burrito. I have got a couple of pieces of sliced Swiss cheese that I will add. And then a little bit of stuffing. I am going to add some stuffing to our Burrito and a few green beans and what would Thanksgiving be without a little bit of cranberry sauce. We will add some cranberry sauce to it, just a little bit, just to flavor it up. Then we are going to roll this. We are going to bring it back, bring on top over and bring it back so that we pull it up nice and tight. But dont overfill your Burrito. If you overfill it, it will make a mess. Then we are going to fold it over and roll it up nice and tight, just like that. And put the same side down in our bowl with our other Burritos that we have already made up. Now we are going to use that leftover Thanksgiving turkey gravy. I am going to put just little bit on top of each one of the Burritos. Just so we get them all covered nice and once we get that on, now we are going to sprinkle it with just a little bit of cheese on top of that. Again you can use any kind of cheese that you like. This is a combination of shredded Parmesan and Gruyre and Asiago but you can use shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack or even if you like it Spicy Jack would be great on these Burritos. And thats all there is to it. Now into the oven and these would just bake until they are hot through. Now we are going take these wonderful Burritos, put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. Here are our Burritos made with Thanksgiving Leftovers. This is a wonderful meal that we can have anytime after Thanksgiving. And coming up next, Shepherd's Pie from Thanksgiving Leftovers.